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Different Way to Concate String in JavaScript

In this tutorial, I’ll go over several approaches to concatenate strings in JavaScript. There are various methods for manipulating strings in JavaScript. The concatenation of a string is a basic operation on a string in any programming language.

What is Concat Strings?

String concatenation in JavaScript is the process of combining two or more strings into a single string.

JavaScript Concat Strings

Let’s discuss the best ways to concatenate strings in JavaScript.

The Basics of String Concatenation

The most common approach is using the + operator to concatenate two or more strings into a single string.

let firstName = "Adam";
let lastName = "Joe";
let fullName = firstName + " " + lastName;

The two strings firstName and lastName are combined into the fullName in the code above by using the + operator.


Adam Joe

Concatenate String Using Template Literals

Expressions can be embedded within a string using template literals, which employ backticks (~). This is introduced in ES6, or ECMAScript 6.

let firstName = "Adam";
let lastName = "Joe";
let fullName = ${firstName} ${lastName};


John Doe

The concat Method

Multiple strings can be concatenated using JavaScript’s concat method for strings. This function can take one or more parameters and merge them into a new string:

let str1 = "Adam";
let str2 = "Joe";
let greeting = str1.concat(str2);

in the above code, We have concatenated strings firstName and lastName using the concat() method.


John Doe

Using join() method

The JavaScript join() method is used to join all elements of an array into a string.

The basic syntax of the join() method:


array: The array whose elements will be joined into a string.
separator (optional): A string is used to separate each element of the array. If not provided, a comma will be used as the default separator.

let words = ["Hi!", "I am", "Adam"];
let result = words.join(" ");


Hi, I am Adam


We have discussed different approaches to solving string concatenation. You can use any of the techniques to do string concatenation using javascript. Whether you choose the traditional + operator, advanced template literals, concat method or join() method.

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