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How to enable javascript for android

How To Enable Javascript for Android

This tutorial helps to enable/disable Javascript in your mobile browser. JavaScript is supported by most popular browsers across popular Android devices such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Google Pixel, One Plus and Motorola.

JavaScript is a programming language that’s primarily used by web browsers to build extremely dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

How To Enable JavaScript for Android

Let’s explore how we can enable the JavaScript in Chrome Browser that is installed on a Smartphone powered by Android OS.

Enable javascript Android chrome

Step 1: Please open the Chrome browser by going to “Apps” or from Dashboard and clicking on the Google Chrome App.


Step 2: Once the Chrome App is Opened, click on the Three Dots Sign given on the left top-side of the Chrome App.


Step 3: When side menu gets opened, search for “SETTING” from the following options and click on it.


Step 4: As soon as the “Setting” option appears, locate and touch the “Site Setting” option, which is typically located below the “Advanced” option.


Step 5: Now select “JavaScript” from the list of options and click it as shown in the image below:


Step 6: touch on the Toggle button given on the right side of the “JavaScript” option as shown in the below image:


Now JavaScript is enabled in the Browser and you can start browsing the internet after closing the settings option.

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